From automotive to medical and material handling to food packaging, MBI Automation has experience in designing industrial controls and servicing the full scope of industrial automation equipment, regardless of industry.


Whatever sector of manufacturing you serve, MBI Automation can structure an industrial automation process that ensures your company’s automation equipment is working for you, as efficiently and safely as possible.


MBI Automation works across the automotive supply base of Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

Material Handling
We specialize in servicing palletizing and depalletizing industrial automation equipment in the packaging industry.

MBI Automation works with companies from refrigerant processing, to refining and waste processing.

MBI Automation understands that precision counts. We have experience working with medical device manufacturers producing and handling precise and high-tolerance parts.

Food Packaging
MBI Automation works closely with customers manufacturing food packaging equipment.

General Manufacturing
MBI Automation works with an array of manufacturers in industries ranging from office furniture to consumer products.